Company history

The company Almeva AG was founded in 1993. The aim was to develop of the best plastic exhaust systems in Europe. The long experience gained with the product of another company allowed the founders to further refine the principles and advantages of what has already been achieved, while avoiding mistakes.

In 1996, the PVDF-Almeva exhaust system, a high-quality fluorine plastic system with a range covering from Ø75 to Ø250mm, was launched.

After, especially outside of Switzerland, the demand for cheaper polymers became ever greater, the company Almeva decided without hesitation to expand the range of evacuation systems on PPH exhaust systems.

Over the years, the square in the plant Bürglen (about 500m2) became too small for the new needs of the company. In order to guarantee all the systems required by the market with the usual efficiency and quality, a new location was needed. The building complex most suited to the situation and the company needs was found in Uzwil.

With the expansion of the product range of the new plug-in system in Ø80, 110, 125 and 160mm, the warehouse space and production department soon became insufficient even in Uzwil (approx. 1000m2). Again a move had become indispensable.

Schweizersholz was in 2003 for the time being the last domicile of Almeva AG. There prevailed much better space. However, as the plug-in system became more and more popular, the expansion extended to more European countries, the range was enriched with the Ø200, 250 and 315mm, in 2006 more storage space had to be found again, a requirement to that time covered by an external warehouse (more than1500m2).

The constant and strong growth moved the Almeva AG to search again for larger installations. By chance, the owners of the Almeva AG could acquire a very large area located in Bischofszell, The ideal solution for the company and in which it is possible to easily and at any time expand and transform so that the space problem should definitely be solved. More than 10'000 references are now available for customers all over Europe.

In the last 19 years, Almeva has grown and today is made up of the Almeva Group, with a parent company in Bischofszell (CH) and branches in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. From these bases 23 European countries are supplied.

The constant effort to provide customers with better services has led Almeva in 2015 to include in its wide range the distribution for Switzerland of products of the EKA brand. EKA is one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel exhaust systems for mainly solid fuels in Germany.

In addition, Almeva in 2018 takes over the general agency Exodraft, Europe's leading manufacturer of chimney smoke extractor fans with related accessories and heat recovery systems.

The staff of Almeva grew up in Switzerland from one employee (1999) to about thirty employees (2017) and about 180 employees in the group.