Vision and mission statement



Our target
Chimney systems for a clean environment



We strive for substantial, sustainable and profitable growth and thus ensure our success in the market. To achieve this, we carry a product range tailored to the target groups and applications.

We supply components of the highest quality for easy installation of flue gas systems at a fair price. The products, systems and services are continuously being developed.


Mission statement

Our values:
Enthusiasm - Teamwork - Integrity - Openness and Adaptability

Our success factors:
Customer and employee orientation - Innovative strength - Environmental awareness

During the development of the products, the specifications of international harmonised standards (EN 14471:2013 +A1:2015) are completed by applying the latest technology. The products are tested by a notified certification body.

We foster a climate where each person is valued and can grow personally. We work on continuous improvement and we have open communication.

We develop relationships with our suppliers and partners that benefit everyone.

We are committed to using resources in a sustainable way and to continuously improving our environmental performance. We comply with the relevant environmental requirements. We take environmental aspects into account when selecting and handling materials.

The Managing Director

Jürg Braun