The largest selection of plastic exhaust systems

The advantages of the Almeva® exhaust system

The Almeva® exhaust system includes a number of components that are an indispensable part functioning modern exhaust systems. It contains over 200 elements, each in different dimensions, more than 2250 cataloged articles that form a complete flue gas system. Almeva® offers the largest assortment of plastic flue pipes with guaranteed quality.

The Almeva® flue gas exhaust system is a modern product with a certain technical maturity. Years of constant development allow today to present high precision and quality pipes, molded parts and accessories. The precise shape of the socket joints allows excellent hydraulic properties of the pipes, which guarantees a perfect flow of flue gases.

The sleeve joints are sealed with elastomer rings. These seals guarantee an excellent and immediate tightness, a great power of resistance, but also a durable flexibility of the connections: the installation is easy and fast. The simplicity of the connection technique allows a fast assembly of the systems. As a result, chimney and heating installation companies are able to work very efficiently on new flue gas systems or renovation.


Installation of the Almeva® flue gas system

  • The system is used to extract flue gases from condensing and low temperature boilers with a maximum flue gas temperature of 120°C.
  • The system is primarily intended for use in the overpressure mode (the pressure inside the flue gas exhaust system is higher than that outside). It can also be used for natural draft chimneys.
  • The system is not resistant to soot fire.
  • It is intended for exhaust ducts, used for wet operation.
  • It can only be used for heating systems where gaseous fuels or natural gas (L, H) and liquid fuels (LTO with a sulfur content ≤0.2%, kerosene) are burned.
  • Intended for a new installation of flue gas exhaust systems.
  • Intended for the renovation of existing chimney systems.
  • Suitable systems can be installed in indoor and outdoor areas.